My medicinal herb workshops are an easy-as-pie introduction to at-home herbalism. Learn, grow, forage, prepare, cook, savor, and heal at Wild Garden Farms.










Evie Watts

“Having taken other workshops with Mary Julia, I knew it would be a high-quality experience. This surpassed my expectations.

I was nourished on SO many levels. Mary Julia shares her wisdom, her heart and her energy so completely. It was truly an experience for my mind, body and spirit.

I learned so much, ate so well and was in community with such lovely people. It was worth five times what she’s charging.

Mary Julia is the real deal."

*NOTE: Wild Garden Farms is, and has always been, a place for maskless gatherings. I love to see your faces and believe that human expression, visible emotional connection, and fresh air are essential to our health and wellbeing.