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Medicinal Herbs & Wise Traditions


In the last few years, we've felt the urgency and understood the power in taking responsibility for our health in addition to (or outside of) the systems currently in place. 

At Wild Garden Farms, we learn relevant, critical and long-lost skills in a rich, delicious and dynamic way.

Set your family and community up for true well-being. 

Join me in building self-sufficiency, relying on traditional wisdom and God's gifts in nature, to grow stronger, more independent and secure.




Every Thursday from 9 am - 12 pm, the Women's Herbal Apprenticeship Program meets. This program is for women interested in and available for a commitment to herbs, self-sufficiency, and their own well-being. Participate in group case studies and create individual materia medicas with personal notes and handouts. Experience kitchen herbalism and build your personal apothecary with take-home herbal medicine each week. Each woman gets space to work toward personal health goals with herbal medicine and health coaching. Limited Space. 

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