How to Preserve Basil for Winter

basil basil ice cubes preservation Aug 10, 2022







Preserve your Basil for Winter


Although this month's plant is holy basil, we're talking about its cousin today, ocimum basilicum, or just plain garden basil. 

I just called it plain, but there is hardly anything ordinary about this plant. Brush by it in the garden or pick a few leaves, and its aroma lingers like a thick fog. It demands that you stop what you're weeding, harvesting, or planting and take a deep, present breath. What an herb!


Most summers, we have way too much basil, and it ends up flowering and going to seed before we can do anything with it. Sad.

No more basil guilt!

Our solution: Basil Ice Cubes. 


They take less than 5 minutes to make {You really don't even have to take the leaves off of the stems if you don't want to.} and will absolutely brighten up your winter when you're wishing for warmth. 


Add to soups, stews, scrambled eggs, smoothies, stir-fries, sauces and broths after the basil is long gone for the season. 


You can also make herbal ice cubes to preserve these fresh herbs {use water instead of olive oil and drop in your winter teas}:

  • lemon balm
  • mint
  • holy basil
  • plantain
  • comfrey
  • chamomile  


This week, my Kitchen Herbalism video shows BASIL ICE CUBES. Click on the image below to watch and follow along!  






is very aromatic and these volatile oils hold the medicine of the plant

is highly antiviral and antibacterial

helps with gas, stomach cramps, nausea

has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

relaxes the body and nervous system

gently detoxes

is good for respiratory, dissolves mucus,

relaxes lung tissues


...just to name a few of the ways that basil works with our bodies!



Basil Ice Cubes

This quick recipe is the easiest way to preserve almost-fresh basil for the cold and dreary months. The burst of flavor in the winter will bring sunshine to your meals and support to your body. 








Click on the Basil Ice Cubes picture for a downloadable version of the delicious recipe.










Take a few minutes now to prepare for the winter months ahead. Your tastebuds and bellies will thank you! 


Please share this blog post to any friends or family who might like to make delicious medicinal treats in the kitchen with us. 


With love and plants,
Mary Julia